Visa Requirements for International Students 

International students are required to hold a valid student visa throughout their enrolment in any courses in Australia. This requirement does not pertain to prospective students who are Australian citizens or permanent residents. To apply for a student visa, it is necessary to have official acceptance for full-time study at Highgate International College. Your visa application must be accompanied by a comprehensive set of documents demonstrating your financial capability during your stay, competence in English language, academic records and proof of health insurance.  

For more detailed information about the specific subclass of student visa requirements, you may visit the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website dedicated to visa information and the application process.  

It’s essential to note that student visa charges are separate from the tuition fees of the education program.  

Before initiating the student visa application, it is crucial for individuals to be aware of their responsibilities as international students. To learn more about the student visa conditions, refer to the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs’ website dedicated to student visa conditions >

How to apply for a student visa?  

If you want to study in Australia, you first need to get a student visa from the Australian High Commision, embassy, or consulate in your home country before you travel.  

Some students can also apply for an Australian Student Visa online. To check if you are eligible, please visit the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs

All international students must comply with current student visa conditions and regulations set by the Department of Home Affairs. 

To help students apply for a student visa, HIC has appointed representatives in various countries who can assist you. See HIC Agent list for more information